Milk pedophile claim

Milk pedophile claim

An anti-gay family group in California has labelled slain San Francisco city supervisor and gay political pioneer Harvey Milk (pictured) a pedophile in an effort to attack schools that celebrate Harvey Milk Day.

This year’s Harvey Milk Day fell on a Sunday. However, schools may hold events to celebrate Milk’s contribution to the fight for civil rights for GLBT Americans in the week before or after the day.

In 1964, in his early 30s, Milk began a relationship with Jack McKinley, a theatrical stage manager who was 16 years old when they met in New York.

The age of consent in California is 18. The SaveCalifornia group, which campaigns almost exclusively in opposition to GLBT rights, says this means that children are being made to celebrate a “sexual predator” in schools even though the age of consent is 16 in most US states.

McKinley was over 18 when he and Milk first travelled together to California.

The couple broke up after a five-year relationship and all Milk’s other relationships were with people who were over the age of consent.

SaveCalifornia claims that celebrating Harvey Milk Day will lead to school children participating in “cross-dressing contests, mock gay-pride parades and mock gay weddings”.

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5 responses to “Milk pedophile claim”

  1. On another note, what is up with that GLBT reference? Gay men have to be first at everything, even the name of the group they are a part of? When AIDS first hit, it was the lesbian community that stood by gay by gay males, even when they abandoned one another. Let them have at least that, you ungrateful person. Remember, ladies first.

  2. He was a pedophile and his defenders are criminals who should be in jail! You are a bunch of sick pukes! And save the homophobe BS! Most of the Gays I know do NOT approve of older men hitting on underage boys SO NICE TRY YOU SICKOS!
    And just because someone is killed DOES NOT MAKE EVERYTHING THEY DID ALRIGHT! What kind of half-witted thinking is that?
    I won’t waste time responding to pukes! In fact I’ll probably just forward their name to the FBI!

    • what part of Legal Age of CONSENT – did you not comprehend?? \
      sure is convienient for you SICKO churchers who marry their girls off at age 11 to 30 yrs old men,… — give it a break – you’re just a closed minded afraid of your own closet – fool. who apparently feels the need to scream at people to justify your own existence.

  3. When I was sixteen I was at Steamworks Sauna looking for fun.

    It is bad enough Harvey Milk was shot by a fundamentalist hater, let alone these fundamentalist not declaring all those children they had at 15.

    What was that song heterosexual song at the time, that hit, “She was only sixteen”.