Campaign to promote 2010 shopping

Campaign to promote 2010 shopping

The 2010 (Darlinghurst and Surry Hills) Business Partnership launched a new campaign to encourage people – both locals and tourists – to shop in the neighbourhoods around Oxford St.

The Shop Local campaign, funded by the City of Sydney, is an initiative of the 2010 Business Partnership and and sees the message about shopping in the postcode spread through Sydney and Australia’s other capital cities.

The campaign was launched at the Cambridge Hotel last week. Click HERE to see the pictures.

2010 Business Partnership president Lawrence Gibbons told Sydney Star Observer that Darlinghurst and Surry Hills comprised one of the best trendy urban precincts in Australia.

“When you get out into the neighbourhoods and walk down Crown St or Stanley St if you go to Darlinghurst Rd or Victoria St, or if you’re partying on Oxford St, you discover that we really live in one of the best places in the world,” Gibbons said.

“We’re encouraging locals to support local business here, to spend money in local small businesses and to get out of the big evil shopping malls that seem to dominate a lot of the retail experience in Sydney.

“I think you either use it or you lose it, and if we don’t go out and support the gay-owned businesses on the strip, if we don’t celebrate the diversity and range of businesses that are there, then they dry up and evaporate and we find ourselves living in a very dull and sterile town.

“Sydney is one of the best cities in the world, and Darlinghurst is one of the world’s most identifiable gay districts and it’s the retail and entertainment mix that’s the backbone of that.”

The campaign is being supported by Shop Local banners positioned along Oxford St, by advertising in local media, and through the website which profiles the area’s many quirky and unique businesses.

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2 responses to “Campaign to promote 2010 shopping”

  1. Clicked on HERE and looked at the pictures. Gee, the people in the shots looked like Priests and Nuns. So conservative!

    By all means shop at the exclusion of all other shops but I would prefer the 1960’s shops when Darlo and Paddo suddenly found this new sense of freedom. Just after the Musical HAIR was launched.

    Naughty book shops selling banned stuff n things, dirty pictures, Aftershaves with names like ‘FUCK’. I managed to purchase a Badge which stated, ‘Jesus was a Wog’.

    Bring back the real spirit of Sydney, Convict resistance against authority, a stroll down the Streets of Surry Hills, plump women hanging out of the doorways and other things hanging out. ‘Want a girl love! No thanks, have you got a
    Brother? Doesn’t anyone want an old fashioned fuck

    As far as redesigning the Darlo/Kings Cross Park, that
    famous Dunny/Urinal where we all had a squirt of sorts, set it up in the middle of the Park as a memorial.

    Yeah Nah, go, move forward and think outside your Box.

  2. yeah, those “shop local” banners are going to make a huge impact on the buying habits of people. Don’t you just love a clever marketing campaign ? We are so very lucky to have such intelligent and original people in our midst.
    I can not wait until I am overcome by their seductive overtones and just shoppe till I droppe.