Couple bashed at hotel

Couple bashed at hotel

A Glebe gay couple’s Saturday night at the Glasgow Arms pub in Ultimo turned into a nightmare after they were allegedly set upon by four patrons in the hotel’s restrooms.

Paul and Kevin arrived at the pub late Saturday afternoon for a quiet beer and a chat, but their peace was shattered when a man from a large group celebrating a birthday picked up a microphone and began yelling homophobic slurs, allegedly threatening them with violence.

When another patron intervened, the man left them alone. A couple of hours later Paul went to the bathroom where he was allegedly attacked from behind in a toilet cubicle.

Paul left the cubicle to try to stop the blood pouring from a head wound, when he said his alleged assailant was joined by another three men who allegedly continued to attack him, smashing a glass or a glass bottle on his head.

By this time his partner Kevin was getting worried. When he went to the bathroom to see what was happening, he too was allegedly set upon.
Kevin managed to get Paul into a toilet cubicle, which he locked to keep the men out, and then called for police and an ambulance.

Police and paramedics arrived about 15 minutes later and the couple unlocked the door.

The men had fled the scene but a number of women from their party remained in the pub.

Paul said none of these people apologised to them or offered them any help.

A police spokesperson confirmed that a 43-year-old Lewisham man has been charged with two counts of assault occasioning grievous bodily harm, and that investigations are continuing into identifying the three other men who allegedly took part in the assault.

Both men were badly bruised following their ordeal, with Paul needing 10 stitches to close a cut to his face and suffering a large cut to his scalp. Kevin received a black eye and badly grazed his hand.

Paul and Kevin are grateful for the attention they received from police and ambulance officers.

“Both the police and paramedics were fantastic with us at the time and the police have continued to show us their support,” Paul said.
“They were extremely sensitive to our situation and gave us all the help they could.”

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17 responses to “Couple bashed at hotel”

  1. I don’t know what sounds more disgusting,the bashing or the people from the Birthday party just standing there.
    Obviously someone from that party squeeled as a “43 from Lewisham” was picked up by the cops with another 3,very shortly.
    Hopefully something is being arranged for them…hopefully

  2. I had a very similar thing happen to me years ago at a pub in the City.
    3 guys on one! I was at the urinal and they attacked me when my back was turned and I was most vulnerable.
    Neither the pub nor it’s patrons assisted me or called for help and I left the place bleeding and badly bruised. It took over a month for the swelling and bruising to go away.
    Unfortunately for me, the Police were not helpful in my case, and video footage from the hotel was never used to even look for these people.
    It’s amazing that these homophobes are so damn tough that they need 4 guys on 1 to make them feel like real men.
    I hope karma serves them up something fitting for the New Year.
    My heart goes out to you Paul & Kevin, I wish you both speedy recoveries.

  3. I pray & weep for my city. I will not be imbibing at the Glasgow Arms. What sort of gutless staff/management could allow cretins like those homophobes onto licensed premises in the first place? Keep reporting SSO. It may make us angry enough to outnumber these thugs in public places. Dingo Vobiscum.

  4. As others here have noted the ‘Straight Press’ NEVER report on these gay bashings….they are only interested if “the fag “gets killed then they can run on “the bad gay” story or ” the fag deserved it story”…….

  5. It is sickening to think that you can’t go out for a quiet drink these days with out falling victim to suck a hanis crime. We live in the 21st century and thing WERE moving forward but now it seems that we moving backwards with homophobia and such, Paul made comment about bars for Gays and bars for non-gay, I don’t agree with this cause it is segregating the community, it’s a bit like the old days where Black didn’t mingle with the white, I think if we can get over the racist means we lived by, people should be able to get past the homophobic crap, that sort of crap doesn’t look good the city who plays host to one of the largest Gay events each year, Tougher laws need to come into place for these gutless wonders that feel the need to bash innocent people being gay or straight. Maybe I’m just living in UTOPIA where everything could be perfect for every one ???

  6. Please remember to NOT BE A VICTIM. You have the legal right to defend yourself against any attack from anyone, be it a stranger on the street, your family or your partner. Reasonable force can be used to stop someone from attacking you and the more people who are attacking you at once, the more drastic measures you can take to defend yourself. Take a self defense course and learn how to protect yourself. it’s all good and well that the police turned up when they did in this case, but sometimes help will not arrive and you need to be able to do whatever it takes to defent youself. You have the right to defend yourself from attackers!!!!

  7. I am with Ben. Why didnt we see this in the news ? This is a sickening reminder we are not as safe as we think we are. Thanks again to sso for running the story. My thoughts and best wishes are with the victims

  8. And what about the staff of the hotel? If these thugs were using the pub’s microphone for homophobic abuse, the staff of any half-decent venue would have stepped in. I’m not going anywhere near the Glasgow Arms again until I know the staff is going to stand up to homophobes.

  9. It is disgraceful this happen in this day and age. Thumbs up to the police for being supportive.. A big up your to the hotel for turning a blind eye and the the four useless weasles that commited this cowardly act!!!!

  10. Paul your comment is not true I am straight and have great time when I go to gay bars/clubs with my Gay friends and same with them when they go to straight places.
    Its not the venue its a couple of small minded individuals who have clearly got problems themselves who feel humiliating others is acceptable, all I can say is what goes around comes around.

  11. I guess thats why we have gay bars & non gay persons should be kept out, its sad but its the only way in a third world style society .

  12. That is an awful story – seriously this city has become so violent – and what is with the increase of homophobia? Not sure what is going on in Sydney anymore it is really losing its gloss and fast.

  13. Why are these bashings only reported in the gay press?

    This was a sustained assault, it should be picked up by all media outlets.

    I look forward to continued coverage of the alleged perpetrators trial.

  14. Our thoughts and support go out to the couple involved. Congratulations to the Police on this occasion.To those who think “the battle has been won” – take note – we are still considered to be easy prey by the haters in this world. These gutless subhumans need to be locked up for a very long time. I await with anticipation the ruling by the court – if it is a slap on the wrist it is time for us as a community to take to the streets big time!

  15. A fine, fine example of this heterosexual ‘morality’ that heterosexuals keep telling the world about.

    Morality indeed, heterosexuals.

    Morality. Indeed.