Drag puppet touching cyberspace hearts

Drag puppet touching cyberspace hearts

Sydney’s only drag queen puppet Queen Miss Left Titter (QMLT) needs your vote. No, she is not seeking to replace Clover Moore as Lord Mayor of Sydney -” she is one of just 10 MySpace identities being pitched against each other to find the website’s most interesting persona.

If selected, the puppet, who has been busy judging Australia’s Next Top Drag Queen competition at the Midnight Shift and filming her online talk shows, will win $10,000.

I would really love to take the money and holiday in Paris but unfortunately I was out-voted on this decision and the crew has decided we will be using the $10,000 prize money to upgrade our cameras, sound equipment and editing gear, QMLT told Sydney Star Observer.

But don’t worry, darling, I am sure there will be some left over so we can have a mass public party to celebrate.

info: Voting opens on 23 September at www.myspace.com/myspaceroadtour. And don’t forget to check out the Queen’s news broadcast from our website,

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4 responses to “Drag puppet touching cyberspace hearts”

  1. Um…I think its an orginal concept….I think if you had any skills or talents and put them to use you might not find the need to trash other peoples achievments on some website…maybe Tortine boy and Storm should pull their heads out!?

  2. Have you ever watched? or researched? because she’s actually quite popular and the man behind the woman is quite a lovely person….tell me what are you doing with your life?