Gay activist beheaded in Uganda

Gay activist beheaded in Uganda


The victim of a horrific murder in Uganda was not a gay activist.

Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) have looked into the case and traced the claim that the victim was a gay activist to a former Integrity Uganda member who has been accused of using his position with the group to fraudulently obtain money, and has since returned to the anti-gay wing of the Anglican Church in Uganda.

The claim that the victim was a gay activist seems to have originated from a Rev Erich Kasirye who was quoted on the blog of GLBT Anglican group Changing Attitude UK as being the General Secretary of Integrity Uganda.

Kasirye has not been a member of Integrity Uganda for several years now and it is unclear whether a man named as the murder victim’s partner by Kasirye is a real person or not.

Victor Musaka, of the International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission and SMUG contacted Bishop Senyonjo who confirmed he did not make the comments attributed to him on the Changing Attitude UK blog.

However the missing priest mentioned in the article still appears to be a real person and genuinely missing.

Police had been searching for a missing Anglican priest who disappeared three weeks ago after delivering a speech in favour of gay rights when they discovered the severed head of another man, Pasikali Kashusbe, in an unsewered toilet on a rural property.

The farm belongs to Badru Kiggundu, a local Electoral Commission Chief. Kashusbe was employed on the property as a labourer.

A mutilated torso from which the genitals had been removed had been found earlier in the week and is now believed to be that of Kashusbe.

Kashusbe had been missing for four weeks and efforts by family members to locate him had been unsuccessful.

Police had arrested a suspect in the killing in a nearby building days before, but missed finding the head.

Police were called back when the farm’s owner detected a foul smell coming from the out building and smashed a hole in the wall to gain access.

Integrity Uganda’s Bishop Christopher Senyonjo, a heterosexual cleric who has himself been excommunicated by the Anglican Church in Uganda for speaking in favour of gay rights, had been quoted as condemning the killing.

Two other men have been arrested in connection with the murder.

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8 responses to “Gay activist beheaded in Uganda”

  1. I don’t know if it is a hoax still. That is the only website claiming it is so far. If there are others then I would be more inclined to agree.

  2. The 2004 Labor/Liberal Marriage Ban was the first new ban in Asia & Africa, and set a horrible precedent for third world countries to follow John Howard & Mark Latham’s homophobic example, which they did with thier own Marriage Bans across Africa.
    It is more critical than ever that Julia Gilliard stand up to the Catholic Labor backroom caucus heavies & repeal the 2004 ban. So far all Julia has done is publicly state that she is proud for the homophobic 2004 Ban to CONTINUE into the present & future!
    As for the Catholic Church leader George Pell & Anglican leader Peter Jensen, they are aligning themselves with the African nations on the back of the 2004 Oz Ban, putting them at odds with with much of Europe- ie if the Anglican church were to split, Australia is already firmly on the side of third world homophobic African nations. Good on you Peter Jensen!

  3. if this is, indeed, a hoax it’s a very irresponsible SSO which seems desperate to whip up hurt & anger in our community. Praise the Holy Dingo for intelligent members of our commjunity who have the resources to expose such sensational stories.
    Love from hell xoxoxo

  4. This victim of vile homophobia suffered more then bloody dear Jesus did.

    We have our own Judas in Australia.

  5. The Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Peter Jenson, went to various parts of Africa to stir up anti-gay hatred. This is one of the outcomes. Where is the australian media in all this?