Gay conversion protest

Gay conversion protest
Gay rights activists will stage a protest outside a religious gay conversion conference on Saturday in Melbourne.
The religious groups are operating as part of the Exodus Global Alliance, which states on its website ( that “change is possible for the homosexual through the transforming power of Jesus Christ”.

The conference claims it will teach troubled young gay men and lesbians how to overcome their “unwanted homosexuality”.
Conference organisers will fly in “expert” speakers from across the country to inform participants they don’t have to lead the “homosexual lifestyle” .
News of the conference has angered gay rights activists, who will stage a protest outside the conference as participants arrive. Their message will be that homosexuality is nothing to be ashamed of and that conversion is a farce.
“You can’t choose to become straight just because your religious leaders tell you that homosexuality is a sin,” Melbourne gay rights campaigner Tim Wright said.
“Churches need to be teaching their gay and lesbian members to be proud of who they are, not ashamed. This conference will only cause more pain and anguish for the participants, not help them.
“The conference organisers may have seen the light, but they are certainly not enlightened. It’s as if they’re living in a different age.
“Our message to participants is: if your church rejects you because of your sexuality, you should reject your church. Closets are for clothes, not people.”

info: The protest will be held from 10.40am this Saturday, September 19, at The Factory, 8-12 Simla St, Mitcham.

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25 responses to “Gay conversion protest”

  1. I find it scary that this sort of claptrap is still going on – we’re living in the year 2009 for heaven’s sake!

    Thanks to Tim Wright and those who protested this noxious, clandestine & ill informed rat pack.

  2. It appears they had trouble getting people to go and so now the idiots that run this are upset as they did not make money. It has been reported as a failure! Perhaps next time they have car accident or a serious medical illness they should not see a doctor and just pray! Let God sort them out then. I bet they do not just pray, but cry like babies for medical help based on science. Bloody hypocrites. These are fringe Christian Cults who are interested in new ways to make money. Nothing more and nothing less.

    The world assumes everyone is heterosexual so people confused need not to be judged whatever they decide to do. They need compassion. These cults do not know what the word is and are going to hell for all the suicides they have caused.



  3. If people attracted to the same sex are unhappy, it’s almost certainly because they are in a situation where same sex attraction is disapproved of. Or, additionally, they are unhappy about themselves in a number of ways and focus all that frustration onto their sexuality, making it the “problem”.
    How can they be “helped” by going to a place where their sexual impulse is so frowned upon that the “helpers” think it should be eradicated?

    God comes into it for the usual reason: when life is too difficult for you to sort out for yourself, it’s easier to give in to an authority figure who can lay down some ground rules, and it is even more convenient if that authority figure is so remote that he can’t be questioned.

    I don’t claim to have the answers for homosexuals who are ill at ease with their sexuality, but from experience I know this: a dishonest answer is no solution. Honesty is always your best hope, and the first person you need to be honest with is yourself.
    Nobody will even know us as well as we know ourselves. For example: how far off the mark is PeterP in his comment? “You might be sick of the gay lifestyle some day”? Sure, a lot of gay men are sick of the “gay lifestyle”. But they are not sick of being gay, they’re OK with it. Homosexuality is a fact, not a lifestyle. And facts are things we all adapt to and work with every day. When somebody asks for help, that’s what they need help for: to accept themselves and embrace their sexuality as a fact. Only then can it become one aspect of who you are as a person, no more and no less.

    If you feel you need help, take note of the old saying: Ask someone who cares. Not someone who judges.

  4. Oh PeterP,

    What bullshit you are talking about now. To be gay is not like smoking or drinking just like being heterosexual is not you idiot. What do you hope to achieve tormenting people who are normal and saying they are not. Suicide?

    I am sorry but the Australian Medical Association says gay and lesbian people are normal. What evidence do you have that tormenting people who are gay or lesbian is not normal and acceptable. None. How is this “Getting Help” as you point out? It is not. In fact the American Psychological Association has concluded conversion therapies only cause harm.

    Forgive us if we find you a coward to think it is ok to torment and bully individuals who are already having a difficult time. What a fucking bully you are.

    As is established they are not “Getting Help”. They are getting harm. Go contact they Associations I mentioned who are based on science. The same science that we use to travel to the moon! Go Google the word.

    These people who expose and protest at these events are saving people from such harm. They are bloody heroes. I have never heard such bullshit from a wanker like you before. Do not come here using the word tolerance. How dare you! Go back to your christian cult at once.

  5. PeterP – The fact is these so-called religious groups are targeting people who unsure and confused about their sexuality, Do you really think these so-called religious groups are going to say its okay to be gay ? Exodus has an agenda.

  6. In reply to PeterP: ‘Gay lifestyle’, tawdry as it may be especial;ly constantly lived under discrimination and duress, does not equate to the state of being homosexual. Perhaps if there was acceptance for all sexualities, lifestytles might bcome more tenable for all.

  7. PeterP,

    Two questions:

    Do you remember the time and date when you made a conscious decision and chose your sexuality?

    Presuming your a heterosexual (if not, then you come across as a self-hating homo), could you be converted to a homosexual – I don’t just mean a bit of physical sex but full-on with romance and all that goes with it?

  8. Homosexual conversion ? Are these people for real ? The whole marriage thing seems to be really getting to them. Well those of us that are gay do know what its like and for some of us it is a pretty tough lifestyle but nothing , I repeat nothing will ever convert anyone unless your stupid enough to believe it. Good on you Tim, keep up the good fight mate, we have has our freedom since the 70’s and intend to keep it .. Thankyou to Dave also , I thank God for giving those of us that want spirituality in our lives the opportunity to do so through the uniting church.. Maybe Bill Heffernan rang this lot up and told them to come over ( wouldn’t surprise me a bit)

  9. More tyranny, hypocrisy and hatred from another “church” and all in the name of Jesus. It just totally reaffirms my atheism and total belief in humanity as the only way to live ones life in harmony with others.

  10. What is going on in the world when morons like this try and convert biologically correct human beings to their empirically incorrect way of life? Leave people the f*&k alone and stop preaching your bigoted, narrow minded bull sh!t. You belong back in the Stone Age when there weren’t scientific answers to many of the ‘mysteries’ of the universe and people tried to explain these ‘mysteries’ by guessing what it all meant.

    If your god is so profound and is so loving and caring, why are there millions of people starving to death every day? Why do so many other atrocities occur every day? If this is god’s will, then he is a c%&t and I don’t want a thing to do with him.

    Why don’t you spend your time and energy actually trying to make a positive impact on the world and use the money it would take to hold this conference on building a school in a 3rd world country?

    Whilst I am not gay, I find it highly offensive to the intelligence of the human race that anyone could possibly believe that gay people should or could be converted. It is the religious people who should be converted from being narrow minded and ignorant to having a brain that thinks for themselves and makes a positive impact on society.

  11. Just what are you going to protest against? That people who ask for help with unwanted same-sex attraction get it?
    What brand of “tolerance” is that? Clearly NOT the same brand you expect from the rest of society.
    Just because you like the way you are does not mean everyone does and you should be happy that those who aren’t can get help.
    If you wanted to give up drugs or smoking and someone told you that you should not try because you might fail, you would say they were mad – of course some fail but that is not a reason not to try.
    Get real, one day you might be so sick of the gay lifestyle that you want help to get out too.

  12. An even simpler message might be “There is no God”!!! I can’t believe in the 21st century people still have imaginary friends and live by their made up rules!!! Science and rationality is the only religion you should be following.

  13. Ben,

    Thanks for all your hard work on this! It is people like you that shed light on very dark places. We need brave people like you to expose this sort of perverse activity.

    The conversions kill people. I know some guys that used to try and recruit people from gay venues for this sort of thing. They have all admitted it was soul destroying and led to some suicides. They are no longer Ex Gays, but gay as God made them and live happy lives.

    It puts false hope on families making them feel guilty, and massive pressure on individuals to deny an essential part of who they are. This is done in the name of God but it is about making money, nothing more and nothing less.

    We must also not forget that Gloria Jeans Mercy Ministries also runs a similar program on young women who are homeless.

    You are saving lives by taking action on this.



  14. “… to overcome their “unwanted homosexuality”.”

    From what I’ve read too often teenagers are forced into these ‘conversion’ therapies against their will which must be a very dangerous move for the kids’ mental health.

    Why do we have to import this American crap into Australia?

  15. I would like to thank Tim Wright for taking on the organising, being based in Sydney I was unable to do so. As the activist who went under cover, got the details and alerted the activist community in Melbourne, it’s great to see my idea of rally come into fruition.

    Again I would like to thank Tim Wright and wish all the protestors the best of luck on the day.

    Ben Cooper
    CAAH Co-Convenor.

  16. Its true, this sorta thing usually always leads to suicide yet people still belive in changing ones sexuality through the power of god.

    I would like to hear what they would say about the people who do go and commit suicide after this sort of thing.. prob would say the whole “it was gods will” b.s

  17. Further to quote the words of a famous Christian.

    Rather than judge
    rather than exclude.
    Hatred paralyzes life.
    Love releases it.
    Hatred confuses life.
    Love harmonizes it.
    Hatred darkens life.
    Love illuminates it.
    -Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  18. For those of you thinking these Christian Cults might help, think again . This sort of thing leads to suicide. No Australian Medical Association supports this sort of activity as it is really harmful and Evil. Even the American Physiological Association has done an extensive study looking at all these conversion programs and has concluded they only do harm.

    God made you gay. Jesus affirmed a gay man. Remember Jesus loved gay people the way there were. Also remember the early church welcome gay marriage.

    Currently the American Right of the Evangelical movement has been pouring funds into Australia to control them here. These Church Leaders have no interest in you, they fly in there own jets, and lead extravagant lifestyles making millions. They are using you as a tool to unite there cults here. They are not official churches, do not have educated people in them, and those that will try and convert you have brought qualifications over the internet mostly. It is the “Us against them” trick. Do be so stupid as to think they care about you. They let homeless people sleep on the streets so why would the care about you?

    Most of the established Churches are split 50 50 on gay marriage. The Uniting Church welcomes you, along with many others and love you the way God made you, just as you are. Look at the web link below for more information.

    For more on this go to