HouseProud and helping LBGTI youth

HouseProud and helping LBGTI youth

FINDING a home in Sydney can be tough. And expensive.

Some teens and young adults grow up and discover they are bisexual, gay, lesbian, or transgender. This can lead to bullying, homophobia, transphobia, and in some cases being rejected by family.

It is little wonder then that 40 per cent of young homeless people are LGBTI.

Kids that are homeless want to find a new place to live, continue their studies, and eventually find work. This is the help that Twenty10 has provided in Sydney since 1982

The HouseProud project has a simple goal – to help young people within Twenty10 programs to stay off the street, and start their own independent home. To do this, Twenty10 helps them find appropriate rental accommodation, and assists in setting up basic furnishings for their home.

As you can imagine, this help can mean the difference between sleeping in their own bed, or sleeping on the streets. It is a program that is proven to have a huge impact the lives oF homeless youth.

Twenty10 is funded to work with 150 young people – but actually manages to support over 370.


Despite this effort to stretch slim resources Twenty10 still has to turn people away. Your help is urgently needed right now.

Every dollar you can contribute will help and is tax deductible. Your donation will go directly towards supporting LGBTI youth, and putting them on the path to a brighter future.

How your donation will make a difference:

Kai is 19 and identifies as a transgender man (he was assigned the sex of female at birth but identifies and lives as a man). In his final year at high school, Kai’s parents refused to support him during his transition and kicked him out onto the street.

After spending months couch surfing and staying in hostels, Kai discovered Twenty10’s drop-in centre, which helped Kai with food, medical support, and a safe place to shower and wash his clothes.

With generous support from donors and volunteers, Twenty10 were able to then help Kai move into an apartment, and provide him with some donated furniture and kitchen basics to make the empty apartment into a home.

Now, after help from Twenty10’s HouseProud project, Kai has completed his HSC, has supportive friends and neighbours, is on the path to a brighter future.

The waitlist for HouseProud is lengthy due to a lack of funds. You can make a difference today for young people who find themselves on the street like Kai. Donate now.

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  1. After being evicted one night onto the street by shonky flat mates My ‘gay’ nephew crowd funded’ he raised over $3,000, sadly safe affordable housing is a big issue for hundreds of thousands of Citizens all ages, while claiming money is tight local state & federal government allows millions to be siphoned off into Independant & greens pet projects, people need Homes befor they need cycle ways and still pedal pushers arrogantly ride pedestrian paths putting Children, pets, the aged and those the disabilities in great danger