NMG Board positions declared

NMG Board positions declared

The New Mardi Gras Board has three new faces after Saturday’s election.

David Wilson, Damon Hartley and Peter Urmson will join returning board members Steph Sands, Josh Keech, Siri May, Phil Kershaw and Rob Partos.

Lynne O’Brien and Tony Knight were not re-elected while Nick Parker did not seek re-election.

More than 350 votes were cast in the election, one of the most hotly contested and controversial New Mardi Gras elections in a number of years.

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3 responses to “NMG Board positions declared”

  1. Adam I suspect that Tony will still do whatever he can to make it possible for them to continue to be held at NIDA

  2. Now can we all stop playing silly ego driven games and get on with putting on a kick-arse parade, a stunning festival and FOUR great parties?