NSW Parliament Hosts Drag Storytime

NSW Parliament Hosts Drag Storytime
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The NSW Parliament hosted a Drag Storytime on Friday, October 6, in the NSW Parliament’s Theatrette.

Sydney drag performers Cassandra the Queen and Woody the Cowboy read from the children’s book, My Shadow is Purple.

My Shadow is Purple Is About Accepting Who You Are

Written by Melbourne-based best-selling author Scott Stuart, My Shadow is Purple is about accepting who you are, being true to yourself, and not being restricted by gender binary.

“My Dad has a shadow that’s blue as a berry, and my Mom’s is as pink as a blossoming cherry. There’s only those choices, a 2 or a 1. But mine is quite different, it’s both and it’s none,” the book begins. 

The Drag Storytime at the NSW Parliament was organised by Greens Senator Amanda Cohn.

In a message posted on social media after the event, Cohn wrote, “It was so special to host Drag Story Time at NSW Parliament today – an event that embraces diversity, inclusion and self-expression. Drag Story Time can and should be held in local libraries around NSW, so kids can explore their imagination with the help of wonderful performers like Cassandra the Queen and Woody the Cowboy, who bring stories to life with creativity and flair.”

‘Storytime But With A Little Extra Glitter, Colour, And Fun’

In an interview with Star Observer, Cassandra the Queen stressed the importance of Drag Storytime.

“It creates an environment for kids and parents to have the usual story time but with a little extra glitter, colour, and fun,” she said.

“It allows kids to see different types of people. At an early age, it provides them the understanding that there’s no shame in dressing up and becoming different from the general public. It also allows them to explore the concept of creativity, artistry, and self-expression.” 

‘See For Yourself. It Will Definitely Change Your Life’

Cassandra’s favourite part of being involved with Drag Storytime is the kids participation.

Cassandra explained, “You can see that the kids don’t have any prejudice towards the drag performers. You can feel that they regard drag performers as just your regular performers wearing a more glamorous set of outfits and makeup.

“It’s always the kid’s reactions as the story is read that makes my heart melt. When you see them engaging, laughing, and answering back, it completes the whole experience.” 

She added, “For the people who have doubts about Drag Storytime, I encourage you to come and see for yourself. It will definitely change your life.” 

US Teacher Fired For Reading My Shadow is Purple

In June, My Shadow is Purple made news after US teacher Katie Rinderle was fired for reading it to her class.

At the time, Stuart posted  a message of solidarity to TikTok, defending Rinderle.

“This entire thing is so disgusting,” Stuart said. “To be very clear – there is nothing sexual or pornographic about this book. It’s a book of acceptance and inclusion. We need to be supporting teachers, not vilifying them.”

@scott.createsAnd the book was purchased AT THE SCHOOL at a book fair.♬ original sound – Scott Stuart

My Shadow is Purple was nominated for the 2023 Australian Book Industry Award.

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