New Christian party launched

New Christian party launched

A new Christian political party which hopes to become the ‘third force’ in Australian politics will run its first candidate at the by-election in the state seat of Niddrie on March 24.

The Australian Christians Party was officially launched in Perth on March 7 and says it wants to represent some 2.7 million people who attend church.

The group aims to overtake the Greens at the ballot box and represent “a Christian world view”.

On its website, the party said it believes marriage is between a man and a woman, and it wants to ensure that traditional family values are taught in schools.

Australian Christians Party Niddrie candidate Frank Papafotiou, however, said he is still formulating a position on same-sex marriage.

“I’m confused about what [the gay community] want out of this,” he told the Star Observer.

“It’s kind of like the word ‘football’. For some people, that means soccer … and for some it means Aussie rules, and they’re not the same, but I’m still confused and I want to know if the game of cricket can be called football.

“I think by having a discussion and going to the source of what [the gay community is] really asking for, we’ll be able to get there.”
Papafotiou, who is running on a pro-life and freedom of speech platform, said he was open to learning more about gay rights issues.

“What I support in theory is that the government doesn’t restrict the freedom of choice people have, as long as those freedoms don’t impact negatively or harm other people,” he said.

The Australian Christians Party has been endorsed by NSW Christian Democratic Party MLC Reverend Fred Nile, well known for his vocal opposition to homosexuality and the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

The Niddrie by-election was called following the resignation of former Labor Shadow Attorney-General Rob Hulls.

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10 responses to “New Christian party launched”

  1. Ah huh: ‘“What I support in theory is that the government doesn’t restrict the freedom of choice people have, as long as those freedoms don’t impact negatively or harm other people,” he said.’

    And denying people the choice of same-sex marriage? That harms lots of people.

  2. Colin, Christians believe that “Jesus fulfilled the religious law”, which means that not everything in the old testament still applies.

  3. This group may be good for the country especially if as they will have to follow the bible 100%. E.G. Deuteronomy and the laws governing do not marry a woman if she is not a virgin, do not divorce, sleep in a separate tent if she is menstruating etc. If not then they could be called hypocrites

  4. Kirsty, I think the plague is a far better option than Fred Nile!Sad to think that that man has sat in the New South Wales Upper House for all of those years, with the sole purpose of trying to entrench homophobia and bigotry in our society! Let’s hope Fred will be visiting his beloved Jesus very soon!

  5. Confused about what the gay community wants out of this? It’s not that difficult. EQUALITY UNDER THE LAW! No second best options, no segregation of sexualityy, but EQUALITY! And any party endorsedd by Fred Nile should be avoided like the plague!

  6. Given poll after poll shows the majority of Christians support marriage equality, it is an amazing claim this party is making.

  7. Hilarious! Not many votes there for such a Party! Outvote the Greens nationally? You are dreaming mate? So all of those varied Christian votes are going to leave the Liberal and Labor parties? Not forgetting the DLP and the already exisiting Family First, plus the noxious fred Nile Group. Just another pary of bigots who want to shove religion down everyones’ throats! You may get a few votes in Niddrie without the Liberal Party standing but beyond that, forget it! Australians aren’t that stupid, unlike so many Americans.