Ricky Martin’s Crotch Catches Everyones Attention at Madonna Concert

Ricky Martin’s Crotch Catches Everyones Attention at Madonna Concert
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Ricky Martin made a surprise appearance on stage with Madonna this weekend, but the singer caught everyone by surprise for a very different reason.

During a particularly saucy section of the night Ricky Martin appeared to get a little too excited.

And fans were quick to point it out.

Did Ricky Martin get a little too excited on stage?

During Madonna’s Miami concert over the weekend the singer invited Ricky Martin on stage to participate in the show.

Invited as part of the ballroom segment of the event, Martin was tasked with judging the performers as they worked the runway.

However he may have got a little more than he bargained for.

As the performers worked the stage in front him some of the dancers approached him and began dancing up close and personal with the She Bangs singer as they got very intimate with his crotch.

Ricky couldn’t quite keep the smile off his face as a dancer dressed in only a jock strap pressed his face into the singers crotch, while another was simulating a different kind of competition behind him.

Image: X (Twitter)

After the dancers moved back from the singer the audience became acutely aware that perhaps Ricky was as a little more excited than they were.

Footage captured from several different angles by fans and posted across social media indicated that Martin’s crotch was definitely showing a lot more shape than before.

And everyone had something to say about it.

“Wait a minute Ricky Martin is that a …..” wrote one very confused viewer on X (Twitter).

“Is this a concert?” Wrote another.

After resuming his seat, presumably to cool down, Martin appeared to be less excited when he departed the stage.

Image: X (Twitter)
Image: X (Twitter)

“Thank you Madonna My Love”

While the internet has been melting down over Ricky Martin standing to attention, the singer seemed unbothered by the attention.

He took to Instagram to thank Madonna, who he has been friends with for over twenty years, in an Instagram post.

“Thank you @madonna my love!” He posted.

“Always fun to be invited to the party!”

The accompanying video was not the footage in question, but instead showed him judging some of the other competitors on the stage instead.

Ricky Martin is one of many rotating celebrity judges Madonna has included in the ballroom segment of her current tour.

Other celebrity judges have included Drag Race winner Aquaria, Jean Paul Gaultier, Donatella Versace, Peaches and many more.




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