Boys space for Sleaze

Boys space for Sleaze

The Forum will be transformed into a ‘boys space’ at this year’s Sleaze Ball, as the dance event’s three venues shift to a more targeted approach with revellers.

But organisers have stressed that while the space is designed for men, it will be open to all partygoers.

“The Forum is not exclusively a boys space, it is a Sleaze venue designed with men in mind,” Sleaze executive producer Katrina Márton said.

“We did this because we wanted to create a bigger space for women in The Dome, rather than the tokenistic efforts of recent years, so we thought it was a good opportunity to give the boys a venue designed for them and their friends.”

Márton said organisers wanted to see how the different layout of Sleaze would work and gauge the reaction on the night before making decisions about the continuity of the particular spaces at future parties.

“We have three different venues for all partygoers to choose from, and they’re all being designed in different and innovative ways,” she said.

“The response to these spaces has already been so enthusiastic, we can’t wait to see what the reaction is like on the night.”

Entertainment at the Forum will include a fresh DJ line-up including Adam Love, Dan Murphy, Eddie Coulter and Baby Bear, as well as shows produced by Minnie Cooper and a special guest performer.

“The Forum will be the place to grind and sweat against the muscles, leather, and decadent costumes of other partygoers, with places to dance and spaces upstairs to explore,” Márton said.

info: Sleaze Ball: Decadence is at the Entertainment Quarter on Saturday, October 2 from 10pm.


Boys Space DJ line-up
Adam Love – 10pm–12am
Dan Murphy – 12am–2am
Eddie Coulter – 3am–5am (Daylight Savings moves clocks forward one hour at 2am)
Baby Bear – 5am–7am

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8 responses to “Boys space for Sleaze”

  1. This minnow is definitely settging sail less one Ginger. Thankfully their are enough alternatives today to inspire community participation; parties that reflect the spirit of the community, and who understand the community.

    The Dome a women’s space???

    Just let the City of Sydney take over ‘Mardi Gras the parade’ and disband the board once and for all! they have demonstrated again how disconnected and out of touch they are with Sydney’s ‘gay’ identity.

  2. Peter Urmson -‘The contributor above who said our parties are mostly male is correct – we weren’t happy about that and the programming of The Dome was an attempt to address it.’

    get real –

    – gay dance parties have allways attracted far more men than women.

    this ‘attract more lesbians to our parties has been tried years ago and often…and always failed

    now is not the time for this rediculous social engineering

    nmg and the board = epic fail

  3. New Mardi Gras always appreciates feedback about our events, we just want to clarify this point about the venues at Sleaze.

    Neither The Dome or The Forum are gender only spaces. The contributor above who said our parties are mostly male is correct – we weren’t happy about that and the programming of The Dome was an attempt to address it. We wanted to put an amazing line-up of female talent in there to show our female communities that this party is as much for them as it is for anyone else. No more tiny, last minute women’s spaces. This also allowed us to re-think how we’d use the Forum, and we wanted to create a very different space, that was sexy and sweaty and appealed to the boys in particular. Times have changed and so have our parties, we acknowledge that gender-exclusive spaces are a thing of the past and so, as the article above clearly says, neither The Dome or The Forum is exclusive to anyone. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the spaces. We know some boys who’ll love The Dome line-up and stay there all night, maybe just to hang out with their girlfriends. We know some girls who will want to get down and dirty to the likes of Baby Bear in The Forum. The important thing is that they can do that. We know people are worried about The Dome being different, but look at that line-up! Sveta and Beatrix for the last half of the night, you can’t tell us things won’t get dark and dirty then!

    We hope you come along and enjoy Sleaze. We hope you do it because it’s an amazing night – full of sexy partygoers from around Australia and some superb shows and DJs. We hope you do it because you love the vibe of our parties, and you want to support our organisation as we prepare for the 2011 season. It’s going to be debaucherous and wild, and whether you’re a man or a woman we hope to see you where-ever you want to be at Sleaze 2010.

    Peter Urmson
    Co-Chair, New Mardi Gras

  4. Oh please why dont you lot pull your fingers out of your arses and contact NMG like I did.

    City Live will have male DJ’s and Dome will have female
    DJ’s showcasing their talents and any sexuality can dance in each hall. No one will be barred.

    Sheeesh ! the laziness of some.

  5. With the loss that NMG posted at the end of the last season now is not the time to experiment with income sources. Sleaze is supposed to be the fundraiser for the Mardi Gras season.

    The Dome is a favourite of some very hardened party goers. As a women’s only space it will be lucky to get half full. How ridiculous. Does Ms Manton have a clue what she is doing?

    There is so much competition for the party $ why is she giving serious party goers another reason to abandon Sleaze.

    And yes I am a woman, but I dont support single sex spaces at parties.

  6. Nothing illustrates more clearly how inept is the board who signed off the decision to make Dome a womens space. Is it any wonder the Sleaze is doomed ?

  7. So the Dome will be a women’s space ‘where men can’t go’ and the Forum will be a men’s space where women can go?

    Why doesn’t Ms Marton simply announce that she would like all the men to just stay at home?

    Although this could be a bit of a problem considering that about 70% – 80% of the people at Sleaze are men.