Mardi Gras membership review

Mardi Gras membership review

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (SGLMG) wants to hear from you about what you’d like to get out of membership in the organisation in a bid to increase participation before next year’s 35th Sydney Mardi Gras Parade.

“It’s crucially important that we open the door to as many people as possible, so the membership of the organisation grows and reflects the diversity of our community,” SGLMG marketing and communications manager James Rongen-Hall said.

“This is a major focus for us this year as we head towards the 35th anniversary of the parade in 2013.

“We are inviting people to participate in a series of discussions in the first week of June, and the ideas gathered in these sessions will be incorporated into proposals for a new membership model to be launched later in the year.”

Rongen-Hall said SGLMG wanted to hear from people who were keen to have a say in what membership should look like, what role members should play in the development of SGLMG and its events, and what benefits were most relevant and valuable for members.

To register your interest in attending, visit

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One response to “Mardi Gras membership review”

  1. 1. Opportunity to attend MG events throughout the year (discounted).
    2. Opportunity to purchase MG merchandise and services, and that of partners, discounted.
    3. BETTER opportunity to watch the parade (the Gilligans Island allocation is too limited and sells out far too quickly).
    4. Opportunity to see where MG dollars (profit) is spent. Who benefits?
    5. VIP area at MG Party.
    6. Frequent Membership Benefits for those who continually renew. What loyalty reward to we get?
    7. Free entry tomcompertitions?
    8. Access to promotions and competitions, in advance, and discounted.
    9. Linked to other Loyalty programs, like FF?
    10. MG application for iPhone, for members only, offering all the above.