Slowly but surely, there comes a time in your life when it’s made almost impossible to not know someone around you who is either getting married or having a baby.

Now’s that time.

After a long day of work begins the incessant scrolling of social media. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram or the numerous other mediums of information overload you’ll see a new post shared by someone and often find yourself saying “Oh so and so’s pregnant again”.

As much as you’re happy for your friends and colleagues around you, sometimes you find yourself feeling deflated. Your difficulty in bearing children can make you feel anxious about your dreams.

Simply Surrogacy wants to let you know that there is a way and there is support. Many people don’t know that surrogacy in Australia is actually legal. To be eligible for surrogacy, you don’t even need to be a couple. Single males and single women who have medical complications are eligible to engage in the surrogacy process.

“No surrogacy matter is the same. Your situation is totally unique to someone else’s.” says Director and Principal Lawyer of Simply Surrogacy, Cassandra Kalpaxis.

“We see clients from so many different backgrounds, cultures and upbringings. I saw one of my best friends try time and time again with her partner to have a child. Her medical conditions were a limiting factor and eventually they sought a surrogate. They now have a beautiful daughter.”

Simply Surrogacy offers exclusive advice for both domestic and international surrogacy arrangements, liaises with counsellors and fertility clinics and files all necessary documentation to the court such as parentage orders or citizenship applications.
Education, visibility and awareness is at the core of Simply Surrogacy.

“A lot of people are intimidated by the process or simply don’t know enough because they think it’s too complicated to understand. We break each step down and streamline the process. We want to help you create a life, a love that is never ending, a legacy” says Cassandra.


Having a child can be a stressful time for anyone, but even moreso for couples, both straight and gay, who have had hurdles along the way be it physically, legally or socially. Simply Surrogacy offers resources such as interactive workshops, a bespoke birth plan board and journal to help you get over those hurdles along the way. The legal process is just one part of the entire experience.


“We don’t just want to act like a typical law firm for you. We want to be that support network that alleviates some of the potential stress you may encounter in this incredible journey. Our team believes that love makes a family. Simply Surrogacy wants to help you display that love” says Cassandra.

You’re not alone. Having a child is a life-changing experience and it’s important that, especially in surrogacy agreements,
that everything is running smoothly and all potential concerns and questions are answered. “A lot of the time soon-to-be parents can forget about the little things that in the end are very important.

Who’s going to hold the baby first? Is the surrogate going to breastfeed the baby? These are all the types
of questions that you need to be asking” says Cassandra.

Cassandra, now a mum of two, understands that your journey might not be as easy as others. “I’ve had issues myself in conceiving and know so many people around me, both straight and gay, go through some tough experiences to have their love bear a child. That’s what inspired me to set up Simply Surrogacy. Your passion and determination doesn’t go unnoticed. We see you and we want to assist you.” says Cassandra.

The joy of surrogacy in Australia is that there is fundamentally one simple ingredient that is present in every case – love. It’s your time. Simply Surrogacy is a leading law firm located in Parramatta specialising in surrogacy agreements. They are also a proud member of ACON’s Welcome Here Project.

Contact them at [email protected] or call (02) 8631 8953.

A wealth of knowledge and resources is also available on their website:

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