Italian Gay Romantic Drama Nuovo Olimpo Comes To Netflix

Italian Gay Romantic Drama Nuovo Olimpo Comes To Netflix
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The Italian gay romantic drama, Nuovo Olimpo (New Olympus), is now available to stream.

Directed by Turkish-Italian director Ferzan Ozpetek (Ignorant Fairies, Loose Cannons), Nuovo Olimpo premiered at the Rome Film Fest on October 22.  The film is now available to stream on Netflix as of November 1. 


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Set In Rome During The 70s

Taking place in Rome, Nuovo Olimpo is set against the turbulent backdrop of a time when discrimination and state-sanctioned violence against LGBTQI people was widespread. The story follows Enea, played by Damiano Gavino, and Pietro, played by Andrea Di Luigi who meet and discover they have an instant undeniable attraction. The story takes place over three decades as they attempt to reconnect.

The official synopsis reads, “Late 70s. They are young, beautiful, and just 25 years old. They meet by chance and fall madly in love. But an unexpected event separates them. For thirty years, however, they chase the hope of finding each other again because they still love each other.”

Ozpetek co-wrote the film with Gianni Romoli (His Secret Life). Nuovo Olimpo stars Damiano Gavino, Andrea Di Luigi, Greta Scarano, Alvise Rigo, Aurora Giovinazzo, Giancarlo Commare, Luisa Ranieri, and Jasmine Trinca.

‘Autobiographical In One Way Or Another’

Nuovo Olimpo is Ozpetek’s fourteenth feature film and his first collaboration with Netflix.

Speaking about the film to Cineuropa, Ozpetek explained that portions of the film are “autobiographical in one way or another.”

He said, “Everything we explore is always autobiographical in one way or another, but I never intended it to be quite so direct.”

Nuovo Olimpo was released November 1 on Netflix.

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